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IGOR ZOBIN is one of the most active, young accordionists on the Italian musical scene, considered as one of the best by public and critics. He is also a musician who is active in many different musical spheres. His rapidly advanced career has led him to perform as a soloist, as a part of chamber group and orchestra in Italy, Canada, Cuba, France, The Netherlands, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia-Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Romania, Poland, Hungary...
   As the principle accordionist of the National Symphony Orchestra of the RAI he has performed in many international and national premieres, providing with this a constant and fundamental contribution to the development and visibility of the instrument in the musical sphere. The aforementioned led him to collaborate with composers, conductors, soloists and orchestras of international fame, such as G.Kurtàg, S.Gubajdulina, A.Corghi, F.Nieder, L.Francesconi, J.Francaix, B.Furrer, A.Cattaneo, D.Kawka, T.Brock, R.Tamayo, Z.Pesko, L.Jia, F.Lanzillotta, M.Angius, F.Maestri, F.Perocco, B.Hannigan, B.Gaertner, D.Michel-Dansac, A.Caiello, I.Windsor, with the National Symphony Orchestra of the RAI, Philharmonic Orchestra Novecento and with the Symphony Orchestra of Tuscany.
   He has been invited to concert seasons of great prestige and international importance, he performed on  Biennale Musica in Venice, Rai Nuovamusica, Bologna Festival, MITO Festival, Society of concerts in Milan, Play!it and others. He was the first accordionist to perform as a soloist with the Symphony Orchestra of Rome and Lazio in the Sinopoli Hall at the Music Park (Parco della Musica). As an accordionist he also took part of two very important events in Milan and Torino which were organised by Ministry of culture, in the international festival MITO Festival and Philharmonic Orchestra Novecento during the period of festivities to celebrate 150 years since the unification of Italy.
   He has performed in many international and national premieres with some of the most important Italian ensembles of contemporary music, such as Arsenale, l’ensemble Ex Novo, l’ensemble Le Risognanze and String Orchestra Camerata strumentale italiana.
   The ability to work in different musical spheres led him to be active, already for a decade, also in theatre; as a composer as well as an accompanist he has collaborated with directors and theatres of international fame, with I.Pison, P.Magelli, J.Kica, E.Miller, I.Buljan, S.Strelec, The Slovenian civic theatre and The civic Theatre of the FVG at Trieste, with National theatres of Ljubljana and of Rijeka.
   At the age of nine he took part in his first international competition, the 14th International Accordion Competition in Treviso, where he won the first prize. From then on he was an absolute winner of numerous international and national competitions, in Italy, France, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia. In the 2002 he was selected as the representative for Italy at the 52nd World trophy for classical accordion soloists, where he won the 3rd absolute rank in the highest category and the title of best rank for Italy. He also won in the accordionist’s category at the XI Torneo international of music–TIM in France.
   He graduated in accordion at the Conservatory G.Rossini in Pesaro, after studying it at the school Glasbena matica "M.Kogoj" of Trieste with the teacher C.Furlan, in composition at the Conservatory G.Tartini in Trieste and in orchestral conducting at the Academy of Music in Pescara under the guide of M°Renzetti.
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